Software Engineer

Threespot builds websites for some of the best social good organizations in the world. Join our team of passionate developers and put your skills to good use.

Software Engineer



Threespot Software Engineers are responsible for the production and testing of websites and web applications. Our engineers are full stack and can produce great HTML/CSS/JavaScript interfaces as well as Ruby on Rails applications to back those views. They are professional, detail-oriented, courteous, wildly creative, and possess excellent verbal and written skills.


  • Experience with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails application framework
  • Comfortable working with ERB, models, controllers, and the ActiveRecord interface
  • Experience producing clean, accessible, and standards-compliant front-end solutions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiar with accessibility standards (e.g. WCAG or Section 508)
  • Familiar with Sass, or a similar CSS preprocessor (e.g. Less or Stylus)
  • Familiar with modern JavaScript development libraries and tools (e.g. jQuery, Backbone.js, Modernizr)
  • Familiar with responsive web development, progressive enhancement, and mobile-first techniques
  • Possess a working knowledge of Git and GitHub

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with Heroku and Amazon Web Services
  • Familiarity with any of these: PostgreSQL, Mailchimp, Mailgun, NewRelic, or Fastly
  • Experience working on HTTPS/TLS websites and site certificates
  • Familiar with Grunt, Gulp, or similar automated build tools
  • Experience using test-driven development practices
  • Design, information architecture, or user-experience work


  • Develop content-focused Ruby on Rails applications with an emphasis on performance, clarity, normalization, and testability
  • Develop efficient, maintainable, and scalable front-end systems
  • Advise User Experience and Design leads on the technical viability of functionality and designs
  • Maintain regular communication with Client Services team around scheduling and scope
  • When necessary, work with clients to understand goals, determine technical requirements, and explain our approach
  • Produce thorough estimates for potential work

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